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Wednesday, 24 May 2017
Fun and games at Mirboo North

Last month, children from Mirboo North Kindergarten arrived at the Grandridge Lodge Aged Care facility with a range of toys and games to share and play with the residents.

As part of one of their regular excursions to the facility, they had decided to take something new to do together with their friends and family members at the centre.

The toys and activities, which were enthusiastically shown and played, encouraged interaction and evoked memories for the residents, who recalled their time playing as children. The kinder group had a great time while there, enjoying the experience and sharing their learning and interests with their older friends. 

Children from Mirboo North Kindergarten have been paying regular visits to the Aged Care facility for several years now. The shared time is valued by both groups, with the children building relationships and learning from the older generation while bringing joy and smiles to all at the facility. 

Visits such as these, and to the local CFA and Primary school library contribute to the children’s understanding and involvement in the community. The Kindergarten also aims to build connections for children and families through involvement in local events such as the Mirboo North Art Festival and the Arty Gras Parade.

Mirboo North Kindergarten is part of the YMCA Kindergarten Cluster. For more information about the kindergarten see here.

The Kindergarten's Open Day is on the 7th June, between 10am - 2pm.