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Tuesday, 1 May 2018
Artwork connects children to wildlife, habitats and community

With the assistance of a grant, Californian Gully Kindergarten was able to commission some stunning artwork in their playground by local artist, Andrew Scott. 

The artworks in oil, are situated along the bike path that weaves through the outdoor learning space and represent the local rivers and wildlife of the area.

These pieces were created gradually across the first term of the year, to enable children to observe the process and the progress of the work. On returning from holidays, the children were delighted to see it completed, ready for their ongoing learning in Term Two.

These beautiful artworks will continue to foster children’s connectedness to natural habitats, acting as a catalyst for children’s further inquiry. They provide learning opportunities for children to develop an increasing knowledge of, and respect for their local natural environments.

Californian Gully Kindergarten aims to embed an awareness and appreciation of the vital role we can all play in protecting and nurturing wildlife and waterways, promoting lifelong learning in this area - which contributes to more sustainable and healthy ecosystems for future generations to enjoy.