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Thursday, 20 June 2019
Tuesday, 20 November 2018
Language Program at Havilah Road Preschool

Children in the four year old program at Havilah Road Preschool will be participating in Karen language classes next year, following the success of the Preschool’s grant application for the Learning Languages in Kindergarten Program.

A Karen speaking Early Childhood Educator will be at the Preschool for up to 3 hours per week, teaching the language in a fun, play based, hands-on way. Over 55 children at the Preschool will have access to the Karen Learning Languages at Kindergarten Program in 2019.

Lyndall Rye, Teacher and Nominated Supervisor at the Preschool said, “We are very excited to be offering this Early Childhood Language Program in 2019, it will strengthen our ongoing commitment to inclusion of all children. Our goal is to support children to maintain their first language and become confident communicators.  Also, having better communication with our families definitely builds and contributes to their sense of belonging at Havilah Road Preschool.”

The Victorian Government’s program recognises that through encouraging diverse language skills in kindergartens, Victorians can build stronger local communities and prepare children for an increasingly connected world later in life.

Havilah Preschool has a high number of Karen refugee families attending the Centre each week.  

Only 120 kindergartens across Victoria were specially selected for the Learn Languages at Kindergarten Program. To be eligible, services had to have a rating of Meeting or Exceeding National Quality Standard.

Havilah Road Preschool is rated Exceeding National Quality Standard. Enrolments for the Preschool are still being accepted for 2019. For more information about the Preschool see here.