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Alfredton, Ballarat North, Lucas, Urquhart Park and Our Lady Help of Christians
Enrolments and Bookings 

Coronavirus Situation Update - 28th May 2020
All our Ballarat OSHC services with the exception of Lucas, are currenlty operating to provide care.
During the Winter school holidays, the holiday program will be operating at Alfredton and Our Lady Help of Christians Primary Schools.

Before and After School Care​

​1.     Enrolment

All families new to the service (After School Care), are required to enrol first. This is completed through your "My Family Lounge" account. The link to register and log-in is below.

​Once enrolled, you will be able to request permanent or casual days of care ​from within "My Family Lounge"​.

2.     How to Book and Types of ​​Bookings

Bookings for After School Care can be either on a permanent and/or casual basis

A permanent booking is defined as a child booked to attend the service on the same day/s each week or fortnight. This can be completed in your "My Family Lounge" or an absence request can be submitted if your child will not be attending the service. This can be done through the App or via a form. Please refer to the Request for Absence Form for further details and conditions.​

Please refer to the Cancellation section of the Family Handbook for information relating to changing or cancelling permanent bookings. 

How to make a permanent booking
A Permanent OSHC booking can be requested via your "My Family Lounge" account online. This request will be sent to the OSHC service and depending on vacancy, you will receive an offer of placement by email and on your account, which you will need to accept if suitable. 

Casual bookings are days that do not fall into a regular weekly or fortnightly pattern. 
Bookings will depend on available spaces. 

How to make a casual booking
A Casual​ ​OSHC booking can be requested via your "My Family Lounge" account online. Or alternatively by sending the service an email or by phoning the venue directly. Bookings are not secure until you have received confirmation either through My Family Lounge or by the service. 

Enrol​ and manage your b​​ookings here​ 

School Holiday Program

Looking for School Holiday Program information? See here.  

Changing, Cancelling Bookings & Requesting an Absence

Changes of Bookings (ASC)​: are completed through your My Family Lounge account.

Requests for A​bsences​​: are completed through your My Family Lounge account. This can also be done via a form. Note: please see the conditions on the form.
Cancellation of Bookings​are completed via a form. Note: please see the conditions on the form​.

Return of Forms: These forms should be returned to your service directly:
Ballarat North:
Our Lady Help of
Urquhart Park:

Download: Request for Absence Form (Tip: For electronic fill-in, save this for​m down, fill-in on your device and resave before emailing)
                   Cancellation of Bookings ​Form (Tip: For electronic fill-in, save this for​m down, fill-in on your device and resave
                          before emai

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