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Open Doors Applications 

At YMCA Ballarat, we're all about helping create healthier and happier people and communities. 

While we offer an range of programs and services for people of all ages, abilities, cultural backgrounds and lifestyles, not all people can afford to participate. Our mission is to provide equal access to all members of the community to make sure that no one​ misses out.

YMCA Open Doors aims to address and reduce health inequalities by subsidising the cost of accessing to programs and services that have a positive impact on overall health and wellbeing.

To identify programs that would be appropriate or beneficial, please see information onthis website about our programs.

Selection of suitable applicants

YMCA Open Doors is targeted at people and families whose financial circumstances make them unable, not unwilling, to pay for the full fee of YMCA programs and services.

For referring agencies, we ask that you nominate people and/or families who are experiencing health inequalities and would benefit from being involved with the YMCA. It is expected that a referring agency would normally be a welfare agency or a school.

YMCA Open Doors criteria to assist nominations: 

  • Applicants must live locally (preferably within the local government area) to the YMCA branch/program they wish to access or attend a service or school within the area (with the exception of camps). 
  • Children 10 years and under must be accompanied by an adult when attending the YMCA branch/program (with the exception of camps). 
  • Applicants will need appropriate attire to participate in some programs. Please liaise with the branch. 
  • Applicants will need to demonstrate that their circumstance has been improved through their involvement in Open Doors.


Open Doors application process 

  • Referring agency to complete Referring Agency Nomination Form.
  • Applicant or Applicants parent/guardian to complete Participant Application Form with assistance from the Referring Agency.
  • Referring Agency to submit completed application and nomination form to the YMCA Ballarat Head Office. 
  • YMCA to make Open Doors selections – allow one month for response.
  • YMCA to notify agencies and applicants of the status of the application.
  • YMCA to organise orientation and program inductions for successful applicants.


Please Note: 

These forms are used by the YMCA to confirm the financial need of the applicant. Forms will be kept in strict confidence between the YMCA and the Referring Agency

YMCA will monitor throughout the program to ensure the participant is attending and their needs are being met. If the participant has not been attending, the YMCA will follow up; if the YMCA are unable to reach the participant we shall liaise with the Referral Agency and have the program postponed​ if necessary.

Download the forms

Open Doors Information Sheet

Open Doors Application Form - with sections for Agency and Applicant

For further information, please contact YMCA Ballarat on 03 5329 2800.​

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