A gift in your Will to the YMCA

A gift in your will to the YMCA, no matter how small, is an investment in the future of a young person. When leaving a bequest to the YMCA, the following wording can be used as a guide when writing a will:

'I give the sum of $... to YMCA Open Doors to be used for its general purposes and in making such bequest, I declare a general charitable intention and I further declare that the receipt of the secretary or other proper officer for the time being of the said YMCA Open Doors shall be sufficient discharge to my trustee therefore.'

In Memoriam

When someone you love dies, family and friends often want to do something special to honour their memory. To make a donation to YMCA Ballarat - Open Doors in memoriam:

You may send a cheque or money order to:​
YMCA Ballarat Youth Services Inc.
PO Box 321 ​
Ballarat VIC 3353

Phone: (03) 5329 2800
Email ballarat@ymca.org.au

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