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We manage a number of outdoor pools in regional centres during the summer season, offering ​​hubs for local communities to connect, exercise and cool off in the summer heat. 

Outdoor Pools in the Corangamite and Moyne Shires are now closed for the season.

We look forward to welcoming everyone back next summer!

​Pool Name​Location & Contact Details​Closing date

Camperdown Pool

Curdie Street, Camperdown 
P: 0447 774 780
​E: Camperdown.OP@ymca.org.au

​Pool closed for the season.
​​Casterton PoolM Carmichael Dr, Casterton
​P: 0447 770 539

31 March 2021

Cobden Pool

Victoria Street, Cobden
P: 0438 817 621
E: Cobden.OP@ymca.org.au

Pool closed for the season.
​Heywood Pool​​Cnr of Fitzroy & Hunter St, Heywood
​P: 0447 770 622
31 March 2021

Lismore Pool

Cameron Street, Lismore
P: 03 5596 2212
E: Lismore.OP@ymca.org.au

Pool closed for the season.

Macarthur Pool

Market Square, Macarthur
P: 03 5576 1370
E: Macarthur.OP@ymca.org.au

Pool closed for the season.

​Merino Pool

​Mocomboro Road, Merino
​P: 0477 377 363

​31 March 2021

Mortlake Pool

Jamieson Street, Mortlake
P: 0429 382 427​
E: Mortlake.OP@ymca.org.au

Pool closed for the season.

Skipton Pool

Blake Street, Skipton
P: 03 5340 2234
E: Skipton.OP@ymca.org.au

Pool closed for the season.

Terang Pool

Golf Club Road, Terang
P: 03 5592 1862
E: Terang.OP@ymca.org.au

Pool closed for the season.

Timboon Pool

Lambert Street, Timboon
P: 03 5598 3285​
E: Timboon.OP@ymca.org.au

Pool closed for the season.


Adult, Child & Family season passes are available to purchase during the season.
Please check with your local pool


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